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Witty-Woo! It's Sexy #Sherlock

By Lwblog @londonwalks

Witty-Woo! It's Sexy #SherlockDC Editor Adam writes…

In December 2016 I posted the The Daily Constitutional's blog post number 5,000.

To mark the occasion I've been digging in the archive and over February 2017 I'll be reblogging The DC's "Greatest Hits" – my 50 favorite posts. 

In addition I'll be sharing my 50 favorite London photos to have appeared here since October 2008. 

I hope you enjoy them

Feb 2017

This one was first posted back in February 2012 and features a most educational episode (for me, at least) on Sherlock Holmes as sex symbol…

Witty-Woo! It's Sexy #Sherlock
Adam writes… A little market research – slightly unscientific market research, but I found the results revealing nonetheless.
On the London Walks Sherlock Holmes Walk last Friday, I asked my group the following question:
“Who is your favorite Sherlock Holmes on screen?”

It’s a section of the Sherlock Holmes walk that I look forward to – collecting the opinions of Sherlockian London Walkers. I always asks the question in the appropriate surroundings of St Paul’s, the actors’ church in Covent Garden.
When the name Benedict Cumberbatch was mentioned, there was a palpable fluttering among the group.
A similar flutter occurs if talk turns to Johnny Depp on the Jack the Ripper walk.
It would seem that the BBC’s Sherlock is something of a dish.
Being immune to the cadaverously handsome young Master Cumberbatch’s charms on that particular level, it added a new dimension to my understanding of the great detective: Sherlock Holmes As Sex Symbol.
All thoughts on this fascinating new field of research (well, new to ME anyway) will be gratefully received – drop me a line at the usual email address or add a comment below.
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