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Withering Leaves by Sam Cohen #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #bookreview #bookchatter

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

The title Withering Leaves is quite poetical and philosophical. There are two sections in this book by Sam Cohen. The first section title is 'Leah' having 8 chapters. The second section is 'Rachel' having 17 chapters. There are three main characters in the book. Kobi falls in love with Rachel. Rachel is an English actress. One fine day, Rachel vanishes from the life of Kobi. All Kobi gets is a departing letter from Rachel. And then there are no traces of Rachel. Kobi is never able to forget Rachel despite passing of 20 years after this incidence. And then another woman comes in Kobi's life. This is Leah, his new neighbor who falls in love with him soon after meeting him. By now, Kobi is in his old age. He is 60 plus. A leg injury sticks him to a wheelchair. The life changes its meaning altogether.

Withering Leaves by Sam Cohen #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #bookreview #bookchatter

Withering Leaves by Sam Kohen is an interesting love story that doesn't fade with the passage of time. Kobi's love for Rachel stays intact despite all his pessimism and cynicism. In fact, despite losing all hopes to find her again, he could never forget her. That was the intensity of his love for her. And when Leah expresses her love for him, they would just discuss Rachel during their long meetings. Even at night, Kobi would sleep very little. Otherwise, most of the time, he would be tossing in the bed, half asleep, half awake. But all the time, in any condition, he would be thinking about his past love, Rachel. Kobi's childhood was painful. His father was a construction worker and mother, a dressmaker. After marriage, his mother leaves her job and becomes a homemaker. But Kobi remembers that was nothing like the love between his parents.

Withering Leaves by Sam Cohen #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #bookreview #bookchatter

There are very thoughtful discussions between Leah and Kobe in Withering Leaves by Sam Kohen. It is all about the Kobe's past relationships, his parent's love life, his perceptions, and expectations. There are deep insights about love and life in the book that you can't afford to miss. It is a different kind of a love story. In fact, it is more than a love story. Because it tries to touch the soft parts of love to distinguish between love, marriage, infatuation, and liking. And all this happens by means of a story. Overall, this is not merely a fiction but more than that to be recommended.

You can buy this book from Amazon India here.

You can buy this book from Amazon here

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