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Wishlists in the Form of a Word Document

By Inordinatelyplush @inordinateplush
Am I the only one that does this? Yes I create Word documents full of copied pieces of clothing/accessories/shit that I don't need and then I attempt to fill my real life wardrobe with such items. I really don't think I'm the only one does this - am I? Those 'WishLists' you make on eBay and Amazon, same thing - potay-to, potah-to. 
So, I started wearing a lot of black recently. What is up with that? Is it because I am now not classed as an under aged pregnancy pregnancy should I decide to have a baby - no plans as of yet -, is it because my next big birthday is the big flirty 30, or is it because I've just turned into a boring, fashion-lazy, skint ass mother f**ker? Who knows.
Wishlists in the form of a Word Document Wishlists in the form of a Word Document
All things here are from the Topshop website within the last few weeks.
This seasons 'mood board' I have made a choice to reduce the blackness. Yes there is a significant lack of bright colours in there, but heck it's January people. Who needs colour, hell who WANTS colour at this time of year? Certainly not me. I need to hide my extra 10lbs with dignity - and some M&S Shapewear. Hit that link. We all know that sex is the last thing we wanna be doing right now, ain't nobody gonna see your pants woman.
Oh I also have a million things 'Saved for later' on ASOS too. My alter ego is clearly rich.. and deluded. Sorry for the bluntness of this post. I'm finding it difficult to start and end posts since I've 'lost my way'.
Does anyone else do this?
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