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By Emma @lamodedemm
It's a little ironic I haven't posted a wishlist in a while, I've always got my eye on something ... Topshop MEGA Cut Out Boots - WhiteTopshop MEGA White Cut Out BootsTopshop MEGA White Cut Out BootsI KNEW this would be coming in white which is exactly why I didn't buy the black ones! The same forces that told me this, are also advising me to wait just a weeee bit longer for the chunker version of these!WhitePepper Oversized Shirt Dress (by theWHITEPEPPER)WhitePepper Pastel Pale Pink Oversized Shirt DressWISHING FOR ...I've been contemplating this for the longest period of time. First it was black, and now that I've grown a liking to pastels, this is just perfecto! Can you imagine this draped over a crop top and high-waisted jeans ... I MELT! And it's in the sale, you know I love me a bargain ...New Look Dogtooth DressNew Look Monochrome Dogtooth Asymmetric Wrap Dress ASOS Duster CoatASOS Duster CoatASOS Duster CoatNo explanation required. The heels are fierce too actually; the styling on the ASOS models leads to subsequent purchases :'(Black two-tone Cleated Sole Platform Boots, River IslandBlack two-tone Cleated Sole Platform BootsBlack two-tone Cleated Sole Platform BootsShould I?! I'm still debating ... You can never go wrong with monochrome!LAZYOAF Hound Dog TopLAZY OAF HOUND DOGWho doesn't love co-ords?HM Single Breasted Coat (also available in black)H&M Single Breasted Coat IvoryH&M Single Breasted Coat IvoryEmmelie Crop Bralet - MissGuided (white/black)MissGuided Emmelie Crop BraletMissGuided Emmelie Crop BraletGlory Strappy Jumpsuit - MotelRocksGlory Strappy Jumpsuit - MotelRocksGlory Strappy Jumpsuit - MotelRocksI love the versatility of this jumpsuit; quite easily could be dressed down for the day or glammed up for the night. And it's baggy, y'know sometimes you just want to be comfortable and not worried about whether the kangaroo pouch (my name for z bulge of the tummy) is hanging out - this jumpsuit is the saviour!ASOS Jewellery: Earrings // NecklaceASOS Rectangle Through EarringsASOS Triangle Long NecklaceGiving me Vanessa Hudgens bohemian vibes ...Combined Office CityBag - ZaraCOMBINED OFFICE CITYBAG from Zara GREY BLACKKevova Chelsea Boots - Vagabond (via.Office)Kevova Chelsea Boots - Vagabond OfficeKevova Chelsea Boots - Vagabond OfficeIt's coming up to that time of mid-season sales so have a rummage; in every sale there's always a gem waiting to be found!WISHING FOR ...

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