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Wishing All the Best for Everyone

By Superinspire @nenadciric


We all try to be decent human being and not hold grudges against people that hurt us in some way, but sometimes all we want is justice to be fulfilled and karma to work. What they gave out, should return to them. If they hurt us, they must get hurt too. Then again we also hear all the time that it is part of a personal growth to let go of all the negative feelings and get to the point when we can wish all the best for everyone. But how can you wish good things to bad people?

The truth is that when you wish people good, those that hurt you included, you are wishing the ultimate good for them and that is for them to learn their lessons in order to become better human beings. And to do so, consequences must be paid for all previous actions. That is the only way somebody who is oblivious to his/her actions can learn. So when you wish people good, you are not excluding the bad. You are simply letting life choose the circumstances that will determine the lessons that they will learn, and you can hope that that new knowledge will improve their lives and of those that surround them.

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