Wish. Hope. Pray.

Posted on the 15 January 2014 by Hailey Ray @typicalvix21
When 11:11 strikes, I always make a Wish, lol don't judge  I know y'all do it too.Wish. Hope. Pray.Even though it's a Wish, I always feel like I'm praying, I mean it is hoping for something, and trying to make it feel like it could one day be possible, Kinda of like a prayer...Wish. Hope. Pray.Birthday Candles  and shooting Stars all these little things that make us wish.Wish. Hope. Pray.
I remember on 11/11/11 (November 11,2011), I was in High School....and everybody was in the cafeteria...just watching the the the minute....

Waiting to make that wish.

It felt like the ULTIMATE wish lol Wish. Hope. Pray.
I wish I could remember what I wished for...
Freshman Year, during the Presidential Elections, I remember I wished that Obama would win. E v e r y t i me I Caught the Clock!
11:11 "I wish Obama wins the Election" Wish. Hope. Pray.

Lol your welcome Guys :) 

When your wishing, your praying. And believing that your wishes will come true. It may sound a little, Magical World of Disney, lol but seriously, Wishing never hurt anybody.I mean ever wish doesn't come true...but it never hurt to believe.

Wish. Hope. Pray.
So the next time you catch the Clock,close your eyes and make that wish :)Wish for something you want and believe that if it's in the plan....It might just come true :)In the past I can't lie...I've wished on love...time and time...every time I catch that time lol
Wish. Hope. Pray.
But lately, I've been wishing a little Different...
I been wishing on my Career Goals, For more Determination, I guess you could say...less Selfish things. I mean if these wishes do have the possibility of coming true, and if I am hon to use my Disney Magic to try and believe them to be...

Wish. Hope. Pray.
 Maybe I should wish a little better, Maybe I should try, to wishing a little better... Wish would make me believe better...which would make me do better :) 
Wish. Hope. Pray.
Wishes are such a funny thing, but maybe that's just the Kid in me, but I do believe that Wishes are the framework for dreams to come true...Just think about the Make a Wish Foundation
Those are the things I want to come true...Those are the things that I want to pray for.Unselfish Wishes, or at least productive wishes,every time I catch the clock, and every time I close my eyes.
Wish. Hope. Pray.

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