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…wise up

By Zer @the2women

…wise up

...what's another word for pointless? futile, absurd, impotent, nonsensical...need I go on?

Homo sapiens, or wise man, if you prefer.  It’s what we are, but do we really give much thought to what it means?

One man has, and he doesn’t like it one bit.

I, of course, assumed his problem with the terminology was the sexist implications.  I am all for changing the name to “wise people.”

Turns out that’s not his issue.

With all of the chaos and trouble we’ve created for the rest of the natural world, this Australian science writer and author doesn’t think we deserve the word wise in our species.

In his recently published article (in a science journal) he suggests that our species name be changed to something more fitting.

Personally I’m not sure what effect changing the name of our species will have on the intelligence level of our fellow-men (and women)…but hey I’m open to suggestions.

Lay ‘em on me…

Whenever your ready…

What’s that?  You didn’t actually come up with any alternative names?

How about half-baked ignoramus.  For those who don’t speak Latin, this roughly translates to: someone who proposes a pointless idea and doesn’t even come up with a possible solution.

It may seem harsh, but the scientific community blew the proposal off as “silly” so who’s being harsh now?

It is true that a lot of us could do with a little more thought concerning the world around us.

However, it’s also seems fair to assume that those same people probably wouldn’t even notice if you changed the species name to flying rainbow unicorns, let alone something more reflective of the impact we’ve had on the planet.

Ultimately, it seems everyone wants the same thing, so why not focus on the important things?

We could spend our time brainstorming over ideas for a new species name, since somebody didn’t put for the time and effort…cough…half-baked…cough…or we could settle on flying rainbow unicorns and start discussing and acting on the things that really matter.


“Bid to Rename Homo Sapiens Called Unwise”: MSNBC

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