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Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit Requests

Posted on the 27 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit Requests
The Chicago Tribune reports that tens of thousands of Wisconsin residents have already applied for concealed carry licenses. The efficiency of the system and the speed with which the permits are received interested me.
"Long time coming," said Matt Slavik, 58, of Brookfield. He hand-filed applications for himself and his wife at the Justice Department's Capitol office on the morning of Nov. 1, the first day the new law was in effect. He said he got permit No. 20 in the mail two days later; his wife got No. 86 a day after him. "It's been wonderful, just to put the sidearm on as I start the day. I just keep it underneath my shirt and nobody knows. It's very comfortable."
Oh sure, it's really comfortable. I find car keys and a cell phone unconfortable, what about you? I guess when a person lives in such ever-present fear that something bad is about to happen, they would feel comfortable with a gun.
But, the joke's on them. They and all those around them are less safe than before.
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