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Wisconsin Concealed Carry - One Man's Opinion

Posted on the 15 May 2011 by Mikeb302000
Jim Stingle wrote a wonderful op-ed for JSOnline.
One of the concealed carry bills says there's no need for training or a permit. Now we're talking. Training schmaining, and I would add permits schmermits. It's going to take some trial and error to get our aim straight, but we don't need big nanny state government telling us it might be better if we had some minimum level of firearms proficiency.
One of the arguments that Stingle is ridiculing says that guns make us safer. Gun control folks and neutral parties agree that's nonsense. Pro gun folks keep saying it's true, just refer to Kleck and Lott. Certainly they're in the minority, but unfortunately it's a very vocal and well-financed minority.
But, it seems to me even they don't believe their own story. How could they, really? I believe the gun-rights folks who keep pitching this nonsense about being safer with more guns are lying through their teeth. They know damn well it's not true. So why are they doing it?
I believe their motivation is self-centeredness. They desperately do not want to be inconvenienced themselves and couldn't care less about society at large. That's why gun-rights folks are usually conservative right-wingers or libertarians. These two extremes on the political spectrum share this particular trait.
They're aided in this deception by the tendency to believe their own nonsense after repeating it ad nauseum. They tell each other how right they are and how wrong everyone else is. Just consider how many pro-gun blogs discourage dissenting comments and become echo-chambers of like-minded folks all telling each other how right they are.
No, I'm afraid guns make us less safe. Just consider that hilarious but sad cartoon Mrs. T. posted yesterday. 
What's your opinion?  Do you think the gun-rights folks who keep touting the Lott and Kleck theories really believe what they're saying?  Do you think they could be right?
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