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Winter in Wartime

Posted on the 21 November 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
Winter in WartimeIn a small village in occupied Holland in 1945, a young adolescent boy is fuming with the way his father, the town's mayor, is catering to the encroaching Nazis and is drawn to his freedom fighting uncle who has recently returned. One day, the young lad is drawn into the fight for resistance when he winds providing aid for an injured British paratrooper hiding in the woods. Unsure of who to trust at home, the boy takes increasingly risky actions to save his new friend and follow his conscience. "Winter in Wartime" is a semi-autobiographical film based on Jan Terlouw's novel. Director Martin Koolhoven's film looks impeccable, set in the always aesthetically pleasing snow, and churns along at a brisk, exciting pace. I found problems with the screenplay in moments when it tries to achieve high dramatic effect. These moments, meant as powerful, come off as hackneyed and over-dramatic. Also, as a portrait of occupied Holland and Nazi collaboration, I do not find it entirely convincing. "Winter in Wartime" is a well-made film that functions well as a coming of age story and as an action film, but is not quite as successful when it strives for more.

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