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Winsenia Raspberry Popping Candy Spread (Aldi)

By Kev A @kevvieguy
Winsenia Raspberry Popping Candy Spread (Aldi)
Whilst in Aldi recently I was browsing through the clearance section. Yes, Aldi has a clearance section, despite it already being a discount supermarket! One thing that caught my interest was this Winsenia Raspberry Flavour Popping Candy Spread. It's basically a creamy raspberry flavoured milk spread with the addition of popping candy. It sounded very unique, I don't think I've seen a flavor like this before. I assumed it would also contain white chocolate but the ingredients list doesn't mention cocoa butter at all.
Winsenia Raspberry Popping Candy Spread (Aldi)
The spread was very pink and had a strong raspberry aroma. I first tried eating it with a spoon; it was very creamy and sweet, with a strong raspberry flavor. The popping candy wasn't too intense but definitely gave a nice crackling sensation. To get the full benefit I decided to spread some onto a rice cake (boring I know, but I was trying to be healthy!). It tasted very moreish...I think I ate a bit too much from the jar in one go!
Winsenia Raspberry Popping Candy Spread (Aldi)
Overall, this was a very tasty and unique spread from Aldi - I'm not sure if they're still selling it or if they were an Easter special thing, but if you like chocolate spreads and see this I would recommend giving it a try. Apparently "Winsenia" is a brand exclusive to Aldi.
RATING: 8 out of 10.

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