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Winnipeg Jets Player Breaks The Glass, Loses His Helmet and Has A Beer Dumped On Him.

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit


What a chain of events for Adam Pardy.  Getting checked through the glass isn’t an everyday occurence but what follows is just weird.  Some gremlin grabs the helmet off his head, puts it on his own head and then some chick (it’s always the chicks) takes it too far and dumps her beer on his head.  Why the hell would she do that?  I think the Golden Rule applies here.  He should be able to dump a beer on her head.  I’m sure she wouldn’t be very happy with that at all.  Hell, the last time I remember beer being thrown on/ at an athlete, we had the Malice in the Palace.


Real talk, you’ll never find me throwing a beer at a player.  I don’t need some professional athlete trying to kill me.


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