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Posted on the 20 July 2011 by Mikeb302000

Every day's a banquet of winning for my side.  And it's just going to get better.
How can you say this!!??! sputters the Gunloon Lemmings.
If you've ever trained as a lifeguard, you'll have learned that some drowning people are so panicked and distraught, they actually fight attempts at a rescue.  Paramedics know that some patients will often fight attempts at medical assistance because they're panicked and confused.
Witness today's GOP and their NRA pals.  They hate Obama because he's black er...a socialist Muslim from to take all their guns away.  With so much animosity towards the President, you'd have to believe the GOP and NRA have no shortage of candidates who will return Obama back to Kenya private life.
But noooooo.  Michelle Bachmann, who is batshit crazy, is leading GOP hopefuls.  Imagine: someone whose husband can pray away the gay, who thinks not raising the debt ceiling is no big deal, and thinks slavery was a good thing for blacks.
But she is a gunloon.  so she might win Tennessee or some other state where Jon Sullivan is eligible to vote.

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