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Winner! YAY!

By Thibben @aspieadventures
   So on father's day I had a post about things I've learned as a dad & asked people to post on the blog or facebook about things they had learned as well. The prize for the winning post selected at random was a cash of awesome Autism & Asperger's books. Read them, share them, give them away to someone who needs them! The books are:

   The winner is........ Sharon from the awesome blog Mama's Turn Now! She says "Never say NEVER! I used to be one of those folks who said my kid would never walk around with a snotty nose then I got a kid who was prone to sinus infections and well... I used to say I would never say some of the things I remember my mom saying to me like, "Stop crossing your eyes or else they will get stuck like that" and guess what... I actually said that the other day! YIKES! Never say never!"
   Thanks so much to everyone who submitted! Seeing as this contest was for my 600 LIKES on facebook & as I type this we are just 30 shy of 700, couple that with the ebook that I have been working on (Irreverent Asperger's: A Normal Parents Guide) is just about done, I am already cooking up another give a way but on a much more awesome scale! So keep checking back for that! Thanks again for reading!

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