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Winds Of Plague – Against The World

Posted on the 21 August 2011 by Ripplemusic

Against The World is the fourth studio album from Winds Of Plague. Winds Of Plague are a Symphonic Deathcore band out of Upland, California. You may remember Winds Of Plague’s past albums, Decimate The Weak and The Great Stone War. Against The World is seemingly the album that's going to push them to the top of the Deathcore scene.
“Drop The Match” is the 3rd track off Against The World and the first track to catch my attention. Pretty standard crunchy guitar and death vocality. I have always liked the simplicity yet catch lyrical content from singer “Johnny Plague”.
“Burn it down
Burn it down with them locked inside
Don't give a fuck if they live or die
This city is full of thieves
This city is full of thieves which prey upon our hopes and dreams
Now it is I who cast the stones
Now it is I who steal your dreams Down that same old dead end path
Take my hand or get out of my way Here we go
So drop the match
Watch the flames erase our past
Erase our past
Burn this mother fucker down”
My favorite track on the album is a song called “Built For War”. The opening of this track is awesome and really gives keyboardist Alana Potocnick her time to shine. She's hot and she plays awesome keys, what more could you ask for?! Again, catchy ass fuck lyrics. Oh, did I mention Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed is on this track too? Well he is.
“I was born to crush you
Kill, kill, kill
I was built for war
Lock and load
Mount the guns
You better run
Pull them back
Let them fly
I was born to crush you
I stand and fight while the cowards run and hide
Step aside as I come ripping through
Or fall victim like the countless many other do
A single move and get wasted by my crew
Swing the hammer with the force of a raging bull
I won't rest until the snap of your neck
Fuck the best and die like the rest
You better know I am built for war
Take your shots and make them count
I'll chew the bullets and spit them out
Now you're chocking on my full-metal rounds
You better know I am built for war
Armed to the teeth, I'm a killing machine
Your artillery will never fucking stop me
When you come, you better bring an army
You'd best believe I am built for war”
Speaking of guest vocalists. The Ultimate Warrior, yes that Ultimate Warrior, does a guest appearance on the track “The Warrior Code”. Though not as furious and crazy as his 80's wrestling promos this track show Warrior could be great on the mic delivering awesome promos again. Anyone remember those great 80's wrestling promos?
“Strength To Dominate” is the closing track and it rules. It's an in your face track. It makes you want to scream along and really want to kick someone's ass. I don't know, maybe I have anger management issues but I really wanted to fight someone after hearing this song. If you are ever needing a “pump you up” gym song, this is it.
The blood stops flowing when there's no one left to bleed.
You'll be begging for your life. Get on your fucking knees.
I've never trembled in the face of fear. I posses the strength to dominate.
Standing strong with a lion heart. I obtain the strength to dominate.
Take heed of my warning. You'll be impaled headless on a stake.
Bones picked clean by the morning. We drove the nails now we've sealed your fate. One, two, fuck you.
I see the weakness in your eyes. Do you see me strength to dominate.
Walk away while your heart still beats, or feel my strength to dominate.
Get down on your fucking knees.
Don't come to killing fields when you don't have any fucking heart.
There will be blood.
What hasn't killed me yet, has given me the strength to dominate.
All the pain I have endured, has provided my strength to dominate.
Fools I have tried to warn you.
There will be blood.”
Overall, Winds Of Plague deliver another great album. Full of awesome breakdowns, a hot keyboardist,
brutal fucking music and killer catchy lyrics. Pick this one up!
Winds Of Plague goes good with: Despised Icon, The Warriors, Emmure, The Acacia Strain, After The Burial, Mortal Treason, Whitechapel, Veil of Maya

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