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Wimbledon Is Back! . . . As Is Venus' Appalling Fashion Sense

By Kselz @TennisFixation
Wimbledon Is Back! . . . As Is Venus' Appalling Fashion Sense I am so happy that Wimbledon is on right now - I mean it's still early enough in the tournament that I can watch it almost all day long and every match is a great match. Like right now - I've got Andy Roddick playing Feliciano Lopez, Ryan Harrison finishing up his match with David Ferrer, and Maria Sharapova playing very young (17 years-old), very British and so very popular Laura Robson. It's hard to know what to concentrate on!
That's why I feel a little bit bad (but obviously not bad enough), that this, my first 2011 Wimbledon post, is about the appalling outfit Venus Williams has been wearing for her first two matches. While I don't want to talk about the same old thing that everyone else is talking about, this thing is so awful that I have to be sure my Tennis Fixation followers don't miss out on seeing it before she makes a possible exit out of Wimbledon. So here's my fabulous photo collage of Venus Williams in the first two rounds of Wimbledon:
Wimbledon Is Back! . . . As Is Venus' Appalling Fashion Sense
Uncomfortable looking? Old lady-ish? Paper bag-like? Lace curtain-y? It's so easy to come up with everything that is wrong with this outfit that it's actually hard to settle on what the best (worst) description is. I'm thinking something like "tennis-themed-wedding apparel gone awry" might do it justice. The gold zipper up the front - trashy. The open "bat wing" sleeves - gawky. The whole "romper" concept - Forever 21 maybe? And I'm not even showing you the open, exposed back which is, in my opinion, just one "fashion" touch too many.
I believe Venus has fallen into the "even bad publicity is better than no publicity" trap and I wish someone would tell her she's wrong about that. She still plays great tennis but her tennis is no longer the focus of her on-court appearances. Why can't she figure out that, if she would sign on with Nike along with her sister Serena, they could probably make TONS of money wearing coordinating outfits and look fabulous while doing it? I mean even I thought those Oreo commercials they did were cute. 
At this point, my only hope for Venus is that she will have a new and even more inappropriate outfit for her next round so that I can add it to my "Venus Wall of Weird" that I am now seeing I need to develop.
Go Andy Roddick and Go Ryan Harrison!
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