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Will You Burn Out?

Posted on the 09 January 2012 by Lisa @Lisapatb

Will You Burn Out?

Will You Burn Out?

If you blog everyday and visit every social media website known to mankind will you burn yourself out?

How can you keep yourself fully charged up and raring to go like a nice long burning fire?

I took yesterday off of blogging to re-group, read, and went for a refreshing walk on a nice New England day with a friend and de-compressed a little.

Do you take time off of doing what you do most of the time to re-charge your own juices? 

According to Wikipedia burnout is a psychological term for the experience of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest. The term was coined by Herbert Freudenberger in 1974.  Herbert and another psychologist theorized that burn out takes place in 12 phases:

1) The compulsion to prove oneself - It can turn into determination and compulsion 
2) Working harder - Not getting to the goals you set for yourself so you word even harder 
3) Neglecting their own needs - Skipping lunch, breaks, everything else becomes unimportant
4) Displacement of conflict - Something is not right but can't find the source of it
5) Revision of values - Start to isolate yourself from others
6) Denial of emerging problems - Becoming almost anti-social
7) Withdrawal - Anti-social and alcohol and drugs may begin
8) Obvious behavioral changes  - Other see the changes
9) Depersonalization - Losing contact with oneself
10) Inner emptiness - Exaggerated activities like drugs, etc.
11) Depression - Exhausted and hopeless
12) Burnout syndrome - Collapse both physically and emotionally and need medical attention (could lead to suicide in extreme cases)

What are 5 ways you can avoid a burn-out?
Will You Burn Out?
1) Take a break
2) Do something totally different
3) Have a few different interests - not just one to create a balance in your life
4) Write down what's important in your life and see if you are doing something about it on a daily basis
5) Plan something fun that has nothing to do with your daily activity

Do you see yourself in any of these 12 stages of burn-out? 

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