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Will You Be My Valentine?

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

Have you noticed store aisles have lost their shades of Christmas green?  Now red, with occasional streaks of pink and lavender shouting to be heard, marches alone up and down the store aisles.  Right after Baby New Year bounced in, retailers felt a duty to remind us Cupid is on his way and Valentine’s Day is gaining fast.

Will you be my valentine?Not that we don’t show our love every single day, right? But, let’s admit it, sometimes we need a jolt to recapture romance in our day to day lives. February 14 is as good a day as any to show how much our spouse or partner means to us

We all have a personal love language we use to say how much we care. For some it’s easier to send a Hallmark-inspired card or maybe write a poem. For others it’s easier to buy a gift or whisk their special someone away to enjoy a few lingering hours over dinner. Whatever your style, it’s the way you show your love.

Want to expand your love world, shake things up, and excite your valentine this year? You might be pleasantly surprised if you dare to venture just a little bit outside your comfort level.

Are you the card-sending type? Rather than just one card, why not send a dozen? Some funny, some romantic, and perhaps one or two construction paper glittery creations you make yourself.

Are you a love poem writer? Go ahead and write that poem, but present it in a new way. Maybe hide each stanza in a different place around the house with clues leading your lover to the hiding places.

Are you a gift giver? Forget the candy or flowers this year. Instead buy a book, movie, or doodad you think your lover would enjoy. That shows more thought than stopping by a drug store and responding to the holiday displays out of obligation.

Are you a dinner devotee? Rather than go to “your favorite place,” find a restaurant similar to your old favorite – maybe it will become a new place to rendezvous. Or ask a restaurant to prepare a take-away meal and enjoy a romantic dinner for two at home.

Whatever you choose to do this year, make sure the kids are tucked away with a babysitter and get rid of all distractions so there’s plenty of time alone. Stay within your budget too! No need for ammunition to ignite future fights about spending habits.

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