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Will Technology Be Gone Out The Window?

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Living in the Northeast I am keeping an eye out for the impeding hurricane. Yesterday I was worried about technology and today my thoughts are more on safety of family and home.
The first thing we'll do is stock up with food and water in case roads are impassable for days. In Rhode Island since the 1978 blizzard people run out to the market for bread and milk on the first forecast of an impeding storm. So this must be done sooner than later as the shelves will be become empty. A stop at the gas station and ATM would be next. Read more here if you are in the hurricane's projected path for preparation tips.
Will Technology Be Gone Out The Window?
I've made a mental check list of things to be done around the home. Cleaning debris outside and moving outdoor furniture. Moving things in the basement as it sometimes get wet with lots of rain. We do not live on the ocean. We are approximately 40 minutes from it. My older relatives remember the hurricane of 1938. I have heard the stories about it many times over the years. They had no warnings as we do today. I have bought and read the book on it. I was looking for it last night and realized someone in the family had borrowed it. I was curious as to where the damage inland was.
So after stocking up my next thoughts are purchasing an extra battery for the cell phone. After the earthquake the other day so many people were on their cell phone it caused some service outages. We still have a land line but with the smartphone I can get online. Would it really be worth getting an extra cell phone battery for about $30-$40?
Or will all this technology just be gone out the window?

Will Technology Be Gone Out The Window?
I have put another mental list of things I will accomplish if stuck at home for days and without our technology.
* Read some books
* Catch up on housework - plenty of that to do!
* Write a few letters
* Hand write my next blogs
* Start my Christmas list
* Play board games and cards
* Get to know my neighbors
(Of course if our house were to look like the one in the photo above all plans would be gone out the window.)
What would be on your list of things to do without computers or smart-phones?

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