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Will Google Kill of Waze?

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Will Google kill off Waze?
I cannot imagine why Google would spend over 1 billion dollars on Waze just to kill it off. However, they continue developing their own Google Maps with GPS application, despite owning the Waze system. And that makes me wonder.
According to The Next Web, the most recent update to Google Maps for mobile devices includes the ability to calculate the quickest available route to a destination, and recalculate while en route and offer new directions if necessary.
Why continue to develop such thigns when they already own Waze that does this?
On the other hand, Waze has so many features Google Maps does not have, that I do not think too many people will consider Google Maps a viable alternative to Waze. Forgetting all the social aspects of Waze, there is the interface, the graphics, the voice giving directions, which make it much easier for a driver to follow the directions of the GPS.. rather than using Google which has a small map with a moving dot and no voice directions.
I think Waze still has a future, but I do not know if Google thinks that way.
Waze is just a great and useful app. It would be a shame to see it go for an inferior tool.

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