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Will Croucher- I'd Rather Be Dreaming

Posted on the 27 August 2011 by Ripplemusic
Will Croucher- I'd Rather Be Dreaming
19 hours trapped in a moving box. Some call it a train, I call it a torture device. Who chooses such torture? I do. How does one survive this circumstance? Music. Good music, bad music, it doesn't matter as long as it is playing long and loud throughout your sleepless night (and the horrible incident when you go to take a mouthful of your $5 apple and black current juice only to find that the sugars had putrified to make some sort of horrible tasting alcohol.)
Will Croucher helped me through the initial nineteen minutes and the subsequent five replays of his latest release I'd Rather Be Dreaming.
The album initially caught my attention (and made it beyond the first play) because the first song, “Reborn.” It is distorted, it is rock, it is heavy. I am expecting someone to start screaming that they hate me. I am waiting.
That moment doesn't come because I am launched into these vocals that too are distorted but in a cleaner way (making sense?).  The style works together though, creating something very individual and creative.
“The One Than Got Away” follows and for the first five seconds you almost think he has totally abandoned his style. Then it comes back. The spacey vocals, rock melodies.
Something changes and clicks with the next song on I'd Rather Be Dreaming. “Wave” begins slower, with airy guitar playing, and the vocals that match perfectly. Then it bursts into the rock mix Will Croucher has nailed. The riffs in this song make it one of my favourites- they are so nice to listen to. I do not know how many other people feel their brain connecting with the melodies and the sensations that makes, but if you have it this song will trigger it. There are minimal lyrics in “Wave”, which really works.
“This Makes Me High” mixes the spacey with the rock, instead of leaving a line between them, and it makes for a very interesting fusion. It is blurry, but clean. Thinking about the name of the song, that mix of the two sounds makes sense. There is also this strange silence at the end, as if he is letting you come down to get ready for the next song.
“The One Than Got Away (Millionyoung remix)” ties off the album and is.. funky. Completely different to the other songs but a nice way to tie off.
You may note that I haven't quoted a single lyric in the review (out of character for me), but it really isn't necessary, the vocals are just another instrument with the lyrics being the notes. He doesn't rely too heavily on them, it is about the sounds the music. At least for me it is.
--    Koala
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