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Wildflower Wednesday: The Prickly Pears

By Kate_miller
It's always summer somewhere... 
Wildflower Wednesday: The Prickly Pears
When you live as high up in the mountains as I do... searching out summer can be a full time job.Because our winters last for 6 long months.
Wildflower Wednesday: The Prickly Pears 
Therefore this wildflower lover schedules warm weather escapes as often as possible. And, when we go, we take our girls. As in the horsie girls ~ because these mares are perfect transportation for hunting down wildflowers.
Wildflower Wednesday: The Prickly Pears
Last week, it was snowing back home, but we didn't care! We were trotting through the back country near Sedona, Arizona. On the Caballos del Sol annual benefit trail ride. I do declare our horses were as delighted with the summer weather as we were! 
* The Prickly Pear Cactus wows us with stunning blossoms in pink, yellow and orange... though I've never been fortunate enough to find an orange one in bloom. This plant is gorgeous and practical: Prickly Pear Syrup on french toast is quite tasty!
* I'm participating in Clay & Limestone's Wildflower Wednesday meme. Pop over to Gail's place to meet more flower lovers...

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