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Wilderness Tips by @MargaretAtwood

By Pamelascott

A leathery bog-man transforms an old love affair; a sweet, gruesome gift is sent by the wife of an ex-lover; landscape paintings are haunted by the ghost of a young girl. This dazzling collection of ten short stories takes us into familiar Atwood territory to reveal the logic of irrational behaviour and the many textures lying beneath ordinary life.


THE WAITRESSES ARE BASKING in the sun like a herd of skinned seals, their pinky-brown bodies shining with oil. TRUE TRASH


(@ViragoBooks, 7 January 2010, first published 1991, ebook, 242 pages, bought from @AmazonKindle)



Atwood is one of my favourite writers and I still have quite a lot of her back catalogue to read. I've found some of her earliest story collections a bit of a hit or miss so wasn't sure what to expect with Wilderness Tips. Thankfully, this is a good collection of ten stories. The stories are quite dark at times and have a dark undercurrent even though events at times seem quite simple and ordinary. I enjoyed every story.

Wilderness Tips @MargaretAtwood

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