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Wilder Beatz: 20 Songs to Get You Through Deep Winter

Posted on the 30 January 2013 by Thewilderthings @TheWilderThings

Wilder Beatz: 20 Songs to Get You Through Deep Winter Wilder Beatz: 20 Songs to Get You Through Deep Winter
I hit a point at about this time every January where I feel like a plant that's being kept too far away from the window. I crave light, I crave warmth, I crave water...all I want is to lie on a warm dock with an iced coffee and a stack of magazines beside me. And maybe it's just because we've had a particularly nasty stretch of days this past week; maybe the sun will come out soon (as it did the other day when it lit up the tree in the photo above) and I'll feel restored (songs after the jump).
Is anyone else out there feeling like this? I find it frustrating that the season can throw me off my game as much as it does. There are few cures to this problem other than jetting off to warmer climes, a solution that sadly doesn't seem to be in my immediate future. I have, however, started working on the email newsletters for the month of March at work, which gives me hope that it will someday show up. Because March brings my birthday us closer to April, which in turn brings us closer to May, by which time we will hopefully have some semblance of sun.
For those of you who are also stuck in New England or some place that's been equally as dreary this week, I do have a suggestion. Music. The kind of music that, as I've described it before, creeps under your rib cage and lifts you up from the inside. The kind of music that warms you up, even when it's negative thirty degrees outside and you come home from yoga at 7:45 in the morning to find that your hot water is broken. The kind of music that makes the day a bit brighter as it floods into your headphones as you sit at your desk. Or that you turn up far too loud as you sit in traffic on Memorial Drive, wondering if the people in the cars around you can hear it, and if they can, whether they find it amusing or annoying.
I've put together a playlist of songs I've been playing this month. They're getting me through deep winter, and my hope is that they'll make your days a bit sunnier, too. It's quite an eclectic list: some new songs, some pretty old songs, some obscure songs, and some songs that everybody knows. The only thing that holds them together is there's hitting the spot right now, and making this gray weather a little more bearable.

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