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Wild Throne - Blood Maker EP

Posted on the 06 June 2014 by Ripplemusic
Wild Throne - Blood Maker EP
Hello waveriders.  Allow me to introduce you to Wild Throne.  This powerful trio hails from Bellingham, Washington and they recently released an EP entitled Blood Maker.  When I heard these three songs I knew immediately that I had to bring them to your attention.  They're just that good, so without further ado...
The first song off of this EP grabbed me moments into my first listen.  "The Wrecking Ball Unchained" indeed.  Great title.  Perfect descriptor.  Distant drumming coupled with a delicate, spectral vocal reel the listener in until the full force of the band bulldozes the prevailing calm at the thirty eight second mark.  The rest of the song, as well as the remainder of the EP, is a nonstop metal rollercoaster with enormous lift hills, tremendous acceleration, loop-de-loops, corkscrew turns, and power to spare!  But what does this band sound like you ask?
The first band that Wild Throne brought to mind was The Mars Volta.  I think that in comparison Wild Throne is a more focused heavy metal outfit as their compositions don't meander too far off the beaten path.  That said the instrumentation, especially the guitar tone and animated drumming, could easily be tacked onto Frances The Mute and not feel out of place.  The singing is all over the place and fantastic.  You can feel the incredibly palpable emotion pouring out through this young man's vocal cords into your eardrums!  Other acts listed on Wild Throne's Bandcamp page as elemental to their sound are Judas Priest, Queen, and Mastodon.  I concur, although I struggle with Queen.
Before I wrap this up I have to mention a small musical detail that jumps out at me every time I listen to EP closer "Blood Maker".  At times the guitarist utilizes the exact same staccato chirping sound I first encountered on Megadeth's "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due".  As I said it's a small detail, but I do believe the devil is in the details.  Besides, it increases my enjoyment of the song and that's all that matters right?  Right.
Wild Throne's marvelous Blood Maker EP is well worth your time waveriders.  Of course you can obtain the songs digitally, but you also have the option of vinyl.  Pick up your copy today!

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