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"Wild Assertions With No Evidence"

Posted on the 02 August 2012 by Mikeb302000
It appears Greggy Camp has had his fee-fees hurt by my posting of a story concerning NRA member Walton Bulter.  Greggy has charged me with making "wild assertions with no evidence" and other assorted calumnies.
But is Greggy's complaint valid?  Let's see.
Doing a search on Walton Butler yields about 14M hits, the vast majority relaying the same story as my post.  Thus, if I made up the story as Greggy suggests, there are a whole lot of media outlets engaged in the same subterfuge.
Of course, Greggy's heartburn with my post concerns the implications that: a.) gunloons sometimes do illegal things like shooting people; and b.) gunloons often have racist tendencies.  Well, we only have to look at gun homicide numbers in the US to see that (a) is true.  But what of (b)?
As I've sagely noted on numerous occasions, one only need to go to a gunshow for evidence.  You'll find no shortage of vendors hawking Nazi memorabilia.  You'll also find various white separatist/supremacist material.  And--you'll certainly find copies of the most-read gunloon 'literature'--"The Turner Diaries"--which fantasizes about a race war.
But you can always go to NRA leadership for examples of racism.

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