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Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter for Super Smash Bros.

By Boxmash

Cool news from Ninetndo: a new adapter is coming soon that will let you use GameCube controllers with the Wii U. It’s something that the Wii could do, but that wasn’t included with Wii U. But now if you prefer using a GameCube controller it will be possible.

The announcement was made in a new Super Smash Bros. trailer which you can see above. The adapter will let you plug in four GameCube controllers. The adaptor then plugs into the USB ports on your Wii U.

The GameCube controller is a classic and many people think it’s the best controller to use to play Super Smash Bros. with. Nintendo has not announced a release date yet nor a price, but if it’s being promoted alongside Super Smash Bros., expect it around the time of the Wii U release in the winter this year.

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