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Wifi Available at All Disney Parks!

By Sarahanneconnors @thenmousette
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I have always been jealous of Americans and their cell phones while vacationing at Walt Disney World. Without fail I always catch myself having this same conversation in my head:

ME: “Self, wouldn’t it be great if we knew how long the wait is right now at the Haunted Mansion?”

SELF: “Why yes Justin it would be, if only there were a way to check in real time on a mobile device!”

ME: “Well there is an app for that but because I am from Canada it does us no good, unless we want to have a famous $6000 Rogers roaming bill.”

Peering over at an overly happy Dad with his iPhone, I look on longingly as he checks his app and gleefully announces to his family that there is only a 5 minute wait for Splash Mountain. They skip happily away towards Splash as Mr. Happy guy pats himself on the back for being efficient with a cell phone. I grumble something derogatory under my breath about Americans and their obvious technological superiority at Disney World. For the rest of the day I sulk whenever I see someone whip out their iPhones to instagram a pic of themselves in stupid poses by the partners statues (Can’t you sense my anger?).

Fellow Canadians, does this sound like a familiar experience?

Well fear not! Disney has silently rolled out free wifi in all of its parks over the last year and now we Canadians can join in on the finger swiping fun! I am not sure of the range of said wifi but my friend Todd tweeted earlier today that he confirmed the availability of all parks having wifi via telephone with Disney.

Todd confirms Disney has added wifi in all parks

I honestly do not expect anything miraculous from the speeds or the ease of connection, (I will review the wifi when I go in a weeks time) but lets walk on the bright side of life! WE CAN FINALLY TWEET AT DISNEY WITHOUT PAYING $300 PER TWEET!

Now I can stop having awkward conversations with myself.

Will this make your next Disney Parks experience more exciting? Comment and let me know your thoughts!

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