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Wieland Din Rail Terminal Blocks – Fasis WKFN Tension Spring Connection

Posted on the 05 October 2022 by Epreston
Wieland Din Rail Terminal Blocks – fasis WKFN Tension Spring Connection

Whether in switch cabinets for machine and plant construction, power engineering or building installation, whether with screw, tension clamp or push-in connection - with Wieland Terminal Blocks, you always make the best choice.

Wieland Din Rail Terminal Blocks – fasis WKFN Tension Spring Connection

The DIN rail terminal blocks with tension spring technology: fasis WKFN are easy to operate, and save time and costs with wiring and warehousing. The fasis WKFN product range also guarantees vibration-proof and maintenance-free clamp connections with high contact forces.

The fasis WKFN series has been designed for use in machinery and plant construction as well as for areas subject to explosions.

Our Spring-Loaded DIN Rail Terminal Blocks - fasis WKFN Boast the Following Impressive Attributes:
* Vibration-proof tension spring connection
* Wires can be connected with and without end ferrule
* Easy to handle:
> Insert screwdriver
> Connect wires conveniently
* Two-row, plug-in jumper channel
* Diverse testing options
>Integrated test socket
>Pluggable test adapter

fasis CON is a DIN rail terminal block system with a pluggable output.
fasis CON is a fully compatible part of the established fasis WKFN system.
Both the terminal and the plug connector possess the high-performance features of fasis WKFN.

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