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Why You Shouldn’t Take a Break From Anime

Posted on the 11 August 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
You Shouldn't Take a Break From Anime

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You know, I’ve been running this blog for a while, so I’m getting to that stage where I can be one of those old guys and say, “I’ve seen it all!” Well, I’m not there yet, but I guess I’ll get there at some point. But anyways, if there has been one thing that I haven’t seen yet out there in the internet, is an argument that you shouldn’t take a break from anime. And after getting a bit of inspiration from Frog-kun, Yumeka wrote about when it’s best to take a break. In general, anyone can take a break from something…but I’m going to tell you that you shouldn’t take a break from anime for a few reasons.

1) Exactly how long is a break?

I’ve seen this before where people mostly consider a couple of days away from anime is a break, but really, that can’t be considered a break from anime. At best, anime is a weekly thing nowadays, so seven days should be that limit where you’re not really taking a break from watching anime. Now, if you say you’re taking 2 weeks or more off from anime, that should be your break right there. But ok, so I bet you’re asking, “Why mention this, this has nothing to do with taking a break from anime,” welp, I did have to set it up:

2) Some don’t come back from their break.

Let’s just say I know a few people who said they’d take a break from anime, but instead, they have not gone back to watch anime. There have been people online that I’ve seen that have given up on watching anime after saying they’d taking a break. What gives? Welp, life concerns or other media manages to take over, and that’s when getting back into anime is more of a chore than something fun to do, and so they stop, essentially.

3) Won’t know what to give a chance to.

And what I mean by that is you’re gone from anime for a while, but then when you come back, you don’t know what to actually check out, especially anything that’s new. If you’re watching anime on a consistent basis, chances are you won’t have this problem since you know where to get your information and what not. You take a nice long break, you’ll be hard-pressed to give some shows a chance, meaning you continue to distance yourself away from anime.

You Shouldn't Take a Break From Anime

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So, how exactly does one fight not taking a break from anime when anime does have their issues in general? Well…

1) Limit how much you watch!

Sure, some people have it like that where they can watch every anime and have just enough time to do so, but that’s just some people. And who knows, they may just burnout faster. But in general, you should know how much anime you feel is best for you to watch and go from there. Sure, some anime that you’re not watching might be really popular and gets your Twitter or people in forums fangirling or fanboying over it, but you don’t have to watch it…yet. You could just marathon it later. At your own time and convenience. Don’t let anyone pressure you to watch a certain show if want to limit yourself.

2) Pick days in the week to watch anime.

A good amount of people watch their anime as soon as it comes out. You don’t have to be that person. What might be best for you is to find a few days in the week to catch up on whatever anime you’re watching weekly or finishing in one go. Basically, you do this, you don’t watch anime every day. That should at least stem the tide of burning out from anime, and you can do other things.

3) Avoid your usual hangouts for a few days, at least (Twitter, forums, etc)

Whether it’s being positively positive or negatively negative or whatever, sometimes taking a break from social media or from hitting up the forums is probably what’s needed, as opposed to taking a break from anime. Nowadays being on social media can be a major time sink, and you may happen to follow people that either hates the anime you like or likes the anime you like so much that it makes you sick to your stomach. Maybe. Anyways, from that to the forums where instead of finding a discussion of the anime episode you instead find a discussion on why the creator is (insert positive or negative retort here) or anything else that has nothing to do with the actual anime, it may just be best to avoid those places, but probably do so occasionally. I mean, there’s a reason you’re on these platforms right?

So there, you should definitely not take a break from anime and then go read literature (I don’t want to read The Great Gatsby again, although I should) or go outside (it-it’s not like I go to my nearby library as a change of pace sometimes!). Now let me go back to watching anime!

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