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Why You Should Stop Buying Clothes That Don’t Fit Right Now

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
Why You Should Stop Buying Clothes that Don’t Fit Right Now

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Have you ever knowingly bought a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit right now?   You try it on in the store and think to yourself, sure it’s a little tight, but when I’ve lost those last 2kg (5 pounds) then it’ll be perfect.  I thought I was too clever to do this, but I did, trying on a coat when I was pregnant, thinking that  when I’d had my baby, then it would fit fine and do up.

But I discovered that this was not so.  The way we lose weight (even if that’s having a baby) is not even or off one particular body area, so it still may not fit well.  Or in my case, it fit me, but it didn’t look any good, once the baby belly had disappeared the collar looked all wrong on me.

It’s a bit like buying shoes that are uncomfortable and hoping that they’ll stretch a bit (as the sales assistant in the store is always telling you will happen) and become like wearing a pair of fluffy clouds on your feet rather than the blister, bunion and corn producing  nightmare that the shoes really are.

So unless you plan on altering the garment to make it fit you correctly, just don’t do it.  It’s money badly spent and you’ll never be happy with the garment, it won’t make you look or feel great, and will get relegated to the back of the wardrobe, lurking there to make you feel bad for wasting more money on clothes that you really can’t afford.

I think this is why I’ve always found buying handbags and jewelry so much easier, there just aren’t the same fit issues to make me frustrated with the shopping experience.  But rather than blame yourself when nothing fits well, learn what shapes and fabrics flatter you, then make considered and knowledgeable judgments about what is worth buying and altering (basically only about 1% of the population fit a garment perfectly as if it were made for them).  Accept that if you love it and it doesn’t fit, you have to spend more money altering it, or it will languish in your wardrobe.   There are many garments I love the look of, but realize now that they don’t work for my body and make me look and feel great, and that helps me leave them behind in the shop.

Save your money for what does work, leave what doesn’t.

What do you find really hard to fit?  What do you find easy?

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