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Why You Should Make a Wedding Website

By Weddingblog2011

Wedding websites provide a new way for you to share and announce your wedding to your guests, friends, and family.

Everything is on the internet nowadays, so why not take advantage and announce your wedding on-line with a wedding website? This doesn’t replace the traditional forms of notifying your guests with wedding announcements, invitations, or save the date cards. After all, you cannot expect everyone to find out about your wedding through the internet.

Wedding websites are useful in many ways. Before the wedding is planned, they can be used as a way to announce your engagement and to share your love story with your loved ones. Also, people can keep track of your wedding plans as you update the website.

When the time comes to send a save the date card, you can provide a link to your wedding website. This allows all of your guests to take a look at your site and all of your wedding details. Most people would just as easily refer to a website as a save the date card or invitation if they want to find information about the wedding.

You can also set up on-line forms for your guests to RSVP, provide links to your wedding registry, and more. This makes it easy for both you and your guests to keep track of everything involved with your big day! After the wedding is over, you can even provide a link to the site in your thank you cards or a newspaper wedding announcement.

Update your website with pictures and video from the wedding, reception, and honeymoon. Then write a couple of posts thanking everyone and telling them about the wedding. This adds an intimate touch to your wedding updates and allows people who weren’t able to attend to find out how the occasion went.

A wedding website does not replace any of the traditional forms of notifying people about your special day, but adding information about your wedding site for your guests to check out is a nice plus. Don’t forget, you can also post a link to your wedding website on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to let all of your friends be a part of your big day!

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