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Why You Need Face Oil

By Masfashion


Caudalie Divine oil :: Bardou Essence moisturizer :: Tata Harper Revitalizing Skin oil

Growing up I used to bask in the sun. Soaking in every ray – feeling the warmth and the tan set in. The lake was my  backyard and I fully utilized every activity that entailed. Most of the days I would wake-up, eat, and run outside to go boating all day. The last thing on my mind was skincare or sunscreen. I just wanted to get on the water. My mother would harp on us time and time again about sunscreen and the importance of skincare but her words fell on deaf ears. The older I get the more I realize how I should have listened to my mom. Mother did always, “know best.” After years of enjoying every ounce of Vitamin D that fell my way, my skin has taken a beating. The tan, sun-kissed look I was accustomed to growing up is now riddled with sun spots, fine lines, and dryness. I am forever on the search for skincare products that are both nurishing and natural. I have turned to every moisturizer under the sun (no pun intended).  Feeling defeated and waving the white flag to bad skin I read about Face Oil. I first heard about them from Bradley (Face Oil) and then again from Kathy (Fantastic Face Oil). Both wrote great posts on the benefits from face oils (I recommend you read). This is what I learned from reading: Oils prevent skin damage by acting as a liquid barrier protecting from outside forces or over-cleansing, they are full of necessary hydration,  + they are one of the best anti-agers. They had me fully convinced to give them a go. 

I now don’t go a day without using at least one oil for my skin. I always feel so moisturized and accomplished – like I did something really excellent for my skin. My most used oil would be the Caudalie Divine Oil – given to my by one of my clients, Laura! I use it not only on my body and face, but also on the ends of my hair when I feel like it could use a pick me up! I am not trying to guilt you in to throwing away every moisturizer you have to go out and buy face oil but I did want you to be informed! If all of these women swear by it, there must be something to it! Trust me – I am now a believer! Need more convincing? Check out these articles – 9 Best Oils For A Perfect Complexion and Why You Should Be Using Face Oil – Even On Oily Skin. Excerpt – “face oil products contain the essential fatty acids your skin requires to stay properly hydrated, but your body can’t produce them on its own. Cream moisturizers are usually water based, or a mix of oil and water. They’re great for keeping problem-free skin balanced and moisturized. Face oils, however, contain a more powerful, purer, and often more expensive form of nutrients that are the perfect solution for skin in distress. And that lipid barrier we mentioned helps skin heal and repair itself much more quickly. They also lock in hydration better than water-based creams.”

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