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Why You Don't Need Pumps to Look Good

By Teju Adisa-Farrar @MissTeju_Global
I think one reason why fashion is full of women wearing 5-inch pumps everyday is because, in addition to making your legs look longer, it's one way to make a "casual" outfit less casual. I agree with this, however I do think there are ways to wear flats and have this same effect. For that reason, I am so glad that oxford flats (also called brogues) are in existence. Oxfords, next to boots, are the other type of shoes that I have and buy. They can have a similar affect to pumps in terms of making an outfit less casual. They do not have the added benefit of making your legs look longer, but a wrap skirt or dark skinny jeans can do that. The blogger Susie Bubble does a great job of making chic outfits with flats look just as good as a chic outfit with pumps. Refer to the photo below for some inspiration: Susie pairs a white wrap skirt with sequined flat oxfords, a printed blazer, and an east Asian styled top. It's non-heels wearing perfection. Why You Don't Need Pumps to Look Good [photo here]

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