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Why the World Needs Tim Tebow

By Mochocki @mochocki

Sports channels, blogs, Facebook and Twitter have blown up over the Denver Broncos new starting quarterback, Tim Tebow. For those of you like me, who are not glued to a TV during football season, Tim Tebow is very forthcoming in his faith, which is stirring up a lot of controversy.

Why the World Needs Tim Tebow

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I read an interesting article that compared people’s reactions to Tebow to how people reacted to Jesus. They felt insulted. They were upset. They wanted him to tone it down. I’m with the author of that article.

I think Tebow is great.

I was first introduced to Tim Tebow during a Super Bowl commercial a few years ago by Focus on the Family for pro-life. I remember all the controversy then about the “racy” ad. Then, he was drafted to my favorite football team and is now the starting quarterback.

Tebow has never hidden his faith. He is seen “Tebowing” after the games. Yes, there is a site dedicated to this!

However, all of a sudden, some people feel it is inappropriate for him to be so outspoken about his Christianity.


Think of it like this, he is promoting Christianity just like Derek Jeter promotes Gatorade or Nike. We don’t criticize Jeter for drinking a Gatorade during a game or wearing Nike shoes, but for heaven’s sake, we cannot allow Tebow to pray!

No, he doesn’t need to be in your face about it. Every other sentence he speaks in interviews doesn’t have to relate to his faith or God. But what’s wrong with a little of it? After all, as Christians, we are called live our faith all of the time, not just at church on Sunday.

Not just in the safety of our circle of friends.

We are supposed to shout it loud for the whole world to hear.

And what a platform he has to shout from! All of Satan’s demons are working overtime to cause as much havoc as they can. Soon, there will be separation of church and game. Ok, that’s hopefully just an exaggeration.

So what if he offends people? I’ve been offended by many celebrities and athletes. Between affairs and alcohol or drug abuse, our society has become desensitized to this behavior. It’s ok because they are famous. Why can’t we accept Tebow’s behavior? If you don’t like it, then don’t listen.

Regardless of your feelings, we all have our own opinions and ideas on how to properly express ourselves. Tebow has his. You have yours. I have mine.

You are allowed to live your faith how you choose. 1 Timothy 4:12 says, “in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.” Tebow is just following God’s law. It’s about time we all do the same.

And I had to share this photo for fun…my brother and I when we were younger.

Why the World Needs Tim Tebow

Broncos Fans for Life

What do you do to live your faith out loud? Leave a comment below!

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