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Why the Nook Saved Me

By Mochocki @mochocki

I’m going to admit something that most writers never have a problem with. I hate reading books.

Why the Nook Saved Me

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Ok. I said it. Now, to clarify, I love listening to audio books. It’s not the story the books tell I have a problem with; it’s the sitting down and focusing on a page of words for an extended period of time that I don’t enjoy. I have completed 28 audio books in the past two years.

Maybe I have a slight issue with ADD. Maybe it’s just a downfall from my exposure of television that has programmed my brain to need more stimulation. I seriously think that if all books were written like Dr. Seuss books I’d be fine. Lots of pictures. Lots of things going on. But alas, that is not the case.

Going back to when I was little, I would LOVE to buy books at my school’s book fair. I would buy them and they would sit on my desk…never opened. I actually have no idea what ever happened to them.

In a past job, my boss would buy us John Maxwell books to read. I went to our library and picked up the book on discs. Right now, I’m looking at my book shelf – yes, shelf, not shelves – with books that I would LOVE to read but don’t have the patience to sit down and read. Out of the 18 books on the shelf, I have completed three (two on audio) and read a few chapters from three more. I should add I’ve had these books for over a year. Pathetic.

Then, I started really reading my Bible. I noticed that I didn’t hate it. I noticed that sometimes, depending on if I found a good story, I would read for pages.

Then it hit me.

I don’t hate reading, I just never found a topic that was worth my time. If I read books looking just to “learn,” no wonder I’m so bored. However, I started to approach books from the “how can I apply this to my reality and my ministry” viewpoint. But I didn’t want to read any more books from my bookshelf. That’s when I learned something more about my problem.

I’m approaching reading from the wrong way.

I see it as such a one-dimensional hobby that is simply just not my style. I like to craft. I like to design. I like to paint. In other words, I like color and interaction. And most of all, I like technology. Sad to say, but at least 10 hours of my day is spent in front of a computer, television, phone, iPod, or a combination of them.

Then the most wonderful device came into my life. The Nook. I have only owned my Nook for about a month and it’s been on the market for two years. I’m not slow to warm up to new technology, but something revolving around “reading” just didn’t interest me.

Here is my honest reason for buying a Nook: I wanted a smaller Bible that I could take notes on. Odd? Yep. But I was getting tired of hauling my Bible around and then having a wonderful idea or lyric pop into my head and nothing to write it on. And some of you may think, “umm, it’s called a notepad or journal.” Again, more things to haul around that I just didn’t want. So I went to Barnes and Noble, tried out their Nook for an hour, and made the purchase.

In one month, I’ve read four books.

The Nook tricks the dysfunctional part of my brain into thinking it’s just playing with technology. It also allows me to get distracted but then just pick it back up. The Nook is also so handy to handle. Yes, I am so against paper books that I don’t even like bookmarks or to hold them open.

Ok, enough about the Nook. This isn’t an advertisement for Barnes and Noble. And I’m sure the Kindle is just as good, but I live near a B&N so it was just more convenient.

The point of the story is this – we can let our weaknesses hinder us from enjoying everything life has to offer or we can find a way around it. In today’s world, full of technological and medical advancements, there is no reason for us to let anything hold us back mentally, physically, or spiritually.

There is a great song from Jesus Culture called “Holding Nothing Back.” The chorus says this:

My chains fell off my heart was free
I’m alive to live for You, I’m alive to live for You
Amazing Love, how can it be?
You gave everything for me, You gave everything for me

I don’t know about you, but I’m trying as hard as I can to live those words. Jesus gave his life to break our chains. Weakness has no hold on us.

What weakness are you letting hold you back? Leave a comment below!

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