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Why the Hell is He Ignoring You??

By Shaybanks @dnceluv
Why the Hell is He Ignoring You??

"Nothings wrong. Seriously. I'm not ignoring you."

 Whether you’re married or dating, at some point in your lifetime, you’ve liked/loved a guy and then he ignored you. Besides feeling like crap, you ended up getting super dooper emotionally unglued. When he finally does call you (assuming you haven’t been blowing up his phone with voicemails and text messages), you’re full of attitude and questions.

“What’s wrong with you? Why haven’t you called me in a week?”

“Are we ok?”

“It really hurts my feelings when you ignore me.”

“Why haven’t I heard from you in over a week/month?”

“Are you seeing someone else?”

Wanna know why men do this? Well, according to psychological studies and pickup artists, women gravitate towards men who ignore them.

Marinate on that for a minute.

Women gravitate towards men who purposefully ignore them.

That’s why he waits a super long time to call you after a first date, after the first time you have sex, or even after the first time you talk on the phone. He’s learned (and been taught) that women will pounce on him when he acts like he doesn’t care.

*sigh* The games that are played in the dating and relationship world are too much to handle sometimes! I mean, what happened to a simple “Do you like me? Check yes or no” letters or a guy sayihg “I think you’re really awesome,” after a first date? What happened to those days?

Ya know what happened? His ass got dumped when he showed his sensitive side. He got hurt. So he went into protective mode.

Now, instead of showing a woman how great he really thinks she is, he’ll ignore her or get a little distant. He knows that when he appears to not care, she’ll emotionally unravel and start overcompensating by trying to win his attention through various methods (cooking, cleaning, organizing dates, driving to his place in the middle of the night, etc.).

Married, in a relationship, or dating, there comes a point where he will show his ass and he will pull back. When you question him on it, he will act like you’re speaking a different language. He’ll say things like “What’re you talking about? I’m not ignoring you. I’m just busy.” He will try to make you believe that you’re crazy and that you’re imagining things. He will do all of this so that you keep focusing on you and not on the real issue. He will keep you from remembering that:

This muthafucka is ignoring you!

The next time you encounter this situation, you need to open up a can of Shay-whoop ass. The methods I’m about to share will keep you emotionally pulled together. Why is this so important? Because when a man sees you getting emotionally unglued because of his withdrawing, he gets a) attention and b) information on how to push your buttons in the future. If he’s able to push your buttons at will, he won’t respect you or the relationship and he’ll begin looking elsewhere.

You see, he may play the game of ‘let’s ignore her to see what she does’ but he’s secretly hoping that he doesn’t have that big of a hold on you. Why? Because that means he doesn’t completely have you, which means, he’s still chasing you.

Men love to chase.

Don’t spoil his fun by getting unraveled by his little hide and seek routine.

Here are two ways to block his ignoring techniques.

Step 1

Go here and follow the steps listed.

Step 2

When he comes back around, don’t give him the third degree. Don’t ask “Are we ok?” or “Where do I stand with you?” Simply smile at him and say “Hey. It’s good to hear from you.” Then proceed to go about your day like you’re a single gal and like you have other things to do. It will work even better if you’ve made plans without him and you say “Oh, I didn’t think you’d be up for going to the concert so I invited someone else.”

Don’t roll your eyes, try this out.

I kid you not…this reaction will throw him for a loop. He’ll think “What’s up with her? I know I’ve been ignoring her but she’s acting like it doesn’t bother her. Oh God! I must be in big trouble. Let me go buy her some flowers, do the laundry, load the dishwasher, and make reservations at her favorite restaurant.”

If he doesn’t do something sweet for you…honey, he ain’t into you. Better you find out now…

Had an experience where a guy ignored you? What did you do? Share it down below.

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