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Why, Thank You

By Expatmum @tonihargis
Potty said it in her post really; but I'll say it in my own way. I'm very flattered (and very surprised) to have been nominated in two categories of the Brilliance in Blogging awards - Lit and Laughs. (How funny that I'm not in the Style category. Someone has obviously been spying on me.)
 I have no idea who nominated me, as I certainly wouldn't have put myself forward with all that competition - but thank you very much. Apparently I received quite a few votes too, so thank you to anyone who voted for me.
 I thought about withdrawing this blog from the competition as I'm really not a "competition person" and despite having a book to sell, I'm woefully crap at selling myself. And then I thought how churlish that would be. Someone has taken the time to put my blog forward and there I would be, - being all ungrateful. So I'll leave my name in the hat, and if anyone feels the urge, you can vote on the side buttons to the right here.
But take a look and click through to the other blogs on the lists as there really are some great bloggers included.

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