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Why Stay in a Hotel Rockhampton Over the Great River Walk?

By Answersfromthebook

Hotel Rockhampton | If you're looking for a relaxing break from the busy city life then you should book a stay at one of Rockhampton's top hotels such as The Somerset Hotel which is situated just minutes from the famous Amravati International Airport. You will be able to explore Rockhampton as never before with such a luxurious and relaxed setting. Your choice of car hire from our online partners, Avis, lets you take your time in town and take in the sights and sounds as you would anywhere else. You can even hire a bike to explore rockhampton valley at your leisure. Make sure you check in advance for your flight so that you are prepared for your trip when it comes along.

Why Stay in a Hotel Rockhampton Over the Great River Walk?

A luxury guest house, The Rockhampton, offers fantastic views over the Yarra Valley with the stunning Royal Botanic Park just a short drive away on your way to the airport. Choose to relax or get involved with one of the local events taking place nearby such as the Rockhampton Jazz Festival or the Go Carting rally. If you prefer to explore rockhampton's history then you can do so at the nearby National Trust Museum where you will find period relics and other displays including wax sculptures depicting historical events occurring in the area.

At the end of your stay, why not treat yourself to a meal at one of our excellent restaurants which offer many types of food from breakfast, afternoon, and breakfast again! The Somerset hotel is only a short distance from the various attractions and provides easy access to the major towns. With plenty of shopping and nightlife options, this all adds up to make your Rockhampton motel holiday one to remember. If you like you can even stay at one of the outstanding 19 hotels located in the Rockhampton area.

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Why Stay in a Hotel Rockhampton Over the Great River Walk?
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