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Why So Shy

By Tinacolada @StyleScribbles
Well, first of all, I believe apologies are in order, for my being so MIA, if I must admit. So much has been happening lately and to top it all, my ridiculous attempts at job hunt and get-togethers with new found friends has left me with little time to take out my laptop and think BLOG. But just a little while and surely as me and my life settle down for good, I will be scoring on your love and attention soon. In the last couple months, I haven’t just been busy but at times, a bit too lazy to or tired to blog, result being, many of my posts (in drafts since +8weeks or so) have either lost their charm, gone stale or are simply (as fashion would say) out of style or too late for the season. Yeah, tragically it’s the way fashion and we followers really move, so fast that from April to June, I feel like I am already a year behind or so. In fact, my most favorite part, being, covering (online) my chosen few designers, that I admire the most, also suffered and totally got neglected. So today, a little summary of what I loved and whom…First a quick rundown of my current favorite random picks (excusez moi but not many pictures with this post). Loving: the new yoga shorts from PINK (saw them on the website, got to go check them out in the store this weekend), as I mentioned in a previous post… I am DIGGING the new Spiderman Nail Colors from OPI, Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam are rocking my world with their Resort 2013 looks (talk about bold and gaudy and colors, shimmer, stripes and polka- what do you get? Me! Could love you any more for this collection Marc Jacobs? Seriously and Derek Lam’s plaid blouses seriously come in my dreams- they do and so do the striped pants and shirt dresses. A more detailed post with my favorite picks from both Fall2012 and Resort2013 will be up soon, but meantime, know that I am taking it all in to spill out the best and the latest trends to look out for, for you all. Lately, I have also been busy, trying to get an internship with a fashion magazine in Toronto, meaning a lot of reading, less writing and more looking around instead of the internet, in turn, less blogging. But what I have been busy with is writing reviews of magazines I read, like last time I posted my picks from Elle Canada, this time the pick was FASHION magazine. So below is what I enjoyed from the summer 2012 issue of FASHION… Considering this was the first time I got to read FASHION magazine (I just moved to Toronto, Canada, in April and never had the accessibility to FASHION magazine before) to my pleasant surprise, I was glad to find much more on culture and local arts and artiststhan in most fashion magazines. My favorite articles by far are ‘Hope Floats’ giving us an unbiased and true insight to a woman’s mind when it comes to swimwear shopping, ‘Tee Time’ on covering one of the most worn and mostly unappreciated trend of all time, a simple t-shirt. The way advertising and publicity for major fashion brands sky rocketed with their logo on a plain white tee is as fascinating as the excessively marked up printed t-shirts of big design houses and the ever increasing demand to buy them by the rich and the famous. The next write-up to amuse and inspire me was that on the ‘Hijabs’ in the article ‘Under Cover’ and the inspirational profile of Saman Munir. It proves what society at times fails to appreciate, that the art of fashion flows beyond runways and across boundaries only to find inspiration and strength in the most humble of lives. I also, loved the spread about Krystal Koo, Biliana Velkova, Dean Davidson andthe music festival. A special mention needs to be given to Trina Turk’s laid back palm springs inspired new collection for Banana Republic and it’s coverage in ‘License to Chill’, as I personally love vintage, the style, the colors, prints and all things palm spring. I felt it was a very well written article with an eye-catching layout, with the pool and Turk’s motifs and florals placed strategically around the page.When looking at the personal experiences of people with their beauty regime and their bodies, I loved reading through ‘Bare it All’ and ‘Check Please’. The ultimate high for me was the athletic chic inspired photo shoot, being really big this season and with some fabulous pieces seen on the runways of Alexander Wang and others, this trend can very easily blend into a day-to-day wear or with a little shimmer and shine, can grace the red carpet evenings none the less. The tribal beat in the second photo shoot also stays close to my heart and so does all the swimwear. The very fact that a one piece bathing suit no longer says retro and is to be seen as a must have fashion accessory, gives people like me, with a little muffin top as a permanent accessory, a new hope and confidence for summer this year.The only other thing, I would love to see more will probably be a head to toe ensemble selection based on various themes and trends. What I feel could become a great wardrobe inspiration would be to mix and match looks and make the layout a little more structured for the ‘Fashion File- The List’ segment. Spreads like the little set of festive essentials in the music festival coverage could do with a little more space and a bit more options, love the way it was structured though.Just to give an example of the kind of sets I am talking about, a reference here to my own polyvoreaccount; where I create fashion and current tend inspired looks: in all, FASHION is a fantastic read and a go-to magazine if someone wants to grab an insight to the Canadian lifestyle, current fashion trends, the culture and all things creative globally as well as locally. So go ahead people grab the latest issue of FASHION and enjoy a sunny day by the pool. And keep checking in on me here at the blog or @twitter. Much love and luck to all. xxP.S. Today is my Jack Russell, Olive's 3rd Birthday, as he turns three, we celebrate and begin nto enjoy a new phase if our lives, a new country. To new beginnings!!xx

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