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Why Should I Choose Made to Measure Front Doors for My Home?

By Kravelv @kravelv

 Made to measure – the meaning

Made to measure means taking some certain designs and patterns and then modifying them according to the required measurement. The modified standardized pattern will fit the exact size of the door. On the other hand a bespoke front door means that a new pattern and design is being created for every individual user according to the demand of the customer. In this case no modification is being made to the original pattern. In the case of made to measure doors an initial measurement is enough and no other measurement is required during the installation procedure but on the other hand a bespoke front door requires multiple fitting and measurement while manufacturing the product.

The benefits of choosing made to measure front door

  • In many houses the door frame size is a standard one where an ordinary normal sized door can easily fit but in many houses the size of the door frame has been modified according to the demand of the customer. In such cases a made to measure front door is the best possible solution.

front door1

  • A made to measure front door is available in variety of styles ranging from a traditional and classic looking door to a contemporary and modern style door.
  • Made to measure doors are customised according to the specification, material used and size that is needed by the customer.
  • Another important advantage of using a made to measure front door is that the size of the glass and the glazing of the glass can be customised according to the need of the customer. It varies from person to person how much light and air a person wants in his house and also how much privacy required in the house.
  • One of the greatest benefits of choosing a made to measure front door is that it can be painted according to the exterior paint of the house. This will give the house a modern and classy look. It can be also painted according to the paint of the entry way.
  • Made to measure door is beneficial for those people who have their own personal and architectural styles that will help them to achieve their own aesthetics. With the help of made to measure doors they can incorporate their own ideas in varying style and design.
  • In case of made to measure door the customer need not worry about the measurement of the door as the professionals will come to your house for taking the exact measurement and will also note down the detail requirement and specification of the customer so as to satisfy the customer to their level best.

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Range of made to measure door types which can be used at home

A variety of different kind of made to measure doors can be designed. A made to measure painted glazed two panel door can be an excellent exterior front door option. This made to measure door is made up of oak and is incorporated with weather seal so as to sustain the extreme harsh weather condition. It also contains adjustable hinges. The finishing of the door and the choice of position of the multi lock can be specified by the customer.

A contemporary painted door set is an exterior front doors made up of hardwood that is considered to be very durable in nature. It also contains all weather protection seal so as keep it damage free in all the weather conditions. The accessories required to be fitted on the door, the multi lock facility and other specification details depend entirely on the customer.

Importance of a made to measure front door

The front door is the most important part of the house as it is the place of warm welcoming to the guest, the front door provides the actual impression of the house and it also lets us know about the aesthetic sense of the person living inside the house. So a made to measure front door with unique and trendy ideas can best fit for the house for creating the perfect impression and also for complementing the architectural design.

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