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Why She Won’t Speak at Women-only Events

Posted on the 05 July 2013 by Burutapen

Belinda Parmar, chief executive of Lady Geek, explains why gender equality must be reframed as a problem for all of society

Scrapbook‘s insight:

In reading this article two thoughts rushed to my mind. Firstly, that I am glad to know that “The daughter effect” is in fact a proven theory , and secondly that for women (the minority at the top of the workforce) to succeed in their attempt to deliver a plain field for the generations to come, men (the majority at the top of the workforce) need to be included in the debate.

In regard to the first point, I have been convinced about it all my life. I’d say more and admit that I have, in fact, used the “if you had a daughter how would you feel” to illustrate innequality, sexism and discrimination in more times than one. Always remembering that old say “you will never understand another man until you walk a mile on their shoes”.

In regard to the second point, and coming from a male dominated industry, I’d say that (as Warren Buffet clearly explained it on his Fortune Magazine interview) if we have gone this far drawing from 50% of the talent pool, imagine how far we could go if all 100% were given the opportunity to contribute.

It is because of this that we cannot run the risk of creating yet another fragmented alternative world, and I honestly believe that female professional groups (at least those I have come across) understand this, as in fact, men are welcome!

What it is worrying though, if you think about it is that, how ever many years go by, there is still a need for those groups to encourage new generations to think beyond the artificial barriers imposed upon minorities.

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