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Why R Is Vital For Attaining Success In Data Science!

By Wonderland57

Why R Is Vital For Attaining Success In Data Science!

Data science is a field requiring expertise on a wide variety of tools and techniques. However, proficiency in R seems mandatory due to its high popularity and innumerous advantages. Although R offers a challenging learning curve, once you get hold of it, it is very rewarding.

Used by most data scientists world-wide and preferred by most tech giants, R has a commanding market share. This is one of the reasons why R is always in high-demand as a requisite skill and recruiters tend to give extra weightage to data science job seeker who are adept in using R!

So why is R so popular?
Over the last few years popularity of R has risen at a phenomenal rate. It is also one of the most recommended statistical programming languages and a Data science R course is much popular among aspirants.

Here, are some points on the reasons behind R’s significant rise in popularity:

  • R has its roots in statistics and is therefore tailor-made for statistical analysis which is crucial in data science.
  • Be it descriptive statistics or exploratory data analysis, advantages of working with R is unrivalled. Performing advanced data analytics like developing prediction models or ML algorithms is easy with R.
  • One of the biggest advantages of R is that it is open-source which means it is free to use. This is one of the reasons R is preferred by a number of organizations big or small.
  • Presence of several add-on packages to connect with data bases (RODBC, ROracle etc) and presence of an active support community makes R the tool of choice for data scientists.

Career opportunities with R in India

India is slowly but surely moving towards a digitally driven society. Increasing internet penetration and explosive increase in the popularity of digital platforms have rendered India data rich. As a consequence, there is an urgent need for businesses and organizations in India for data driven growth strategies.

This is why data science have taken an eminent position in the country. It is the field of top employment generator and also the field for talented individuals to excel rapidly.

Moreover, increasing adaptation of data driven business strategies coupled with an acute talent gap have caused the demand for data scientists, data analysts, business analysts to soar through the roof! As a result, data science offers a massive career opportunity in India and if you go through a Data science R course, you can easily avail these opportunities.

To Conclude

Nowadays, many prefer learning data science software suits offering ‘drag and drop’ features over tools requiring extensive coding. The reason being such GUI based tools are easy to learn and simple to work with.

However, no such software can match R’s advantages in data science. Most of them are very expensive (like SAS) and cannot math R’s versatility. This is why even corporate giants like Bank of America, Facebook and Google are using R for their Data science projects!

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