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Why Piperlime is on My Sh!t List

By A Mused Blog @Amusedblog
Why Piperlime is on my Sh!t List Well lovelies, it seems that the online shopping gods are having a few laughs at my expense. Not long after my unfortunate orange feathered dress of shame experience, I purchased what I believed (and still do) to be the item of the season: a faux leather peplum top.
 When I saw it online I thought, how perfect! I imagined all the fun collared blouses I could layer underneath it, the cute colored jeans I could pair with it... Hell, I even had a 20% coupon!
 Destiny? Not so much. Destiny it would appear, was on back order. It was August 17th, and I decided I could certainly be patient. I made the purchase. It said that my fabulous peplum top was due to ship out to me on the 20th of October.
When just 3 days later the funds were taken out of my account I rather naively thought that perhaps the top would be shipped out to me much earlier than expected. Not so - because 2 days later the funds went back into my account....only to then be taken out of my count just 5 days later. And then put back. And then taken out yet again... This debit and crediting (over 10 times) of my purchase went on for an entire MONTH - almost $100 just floating in and out of my account. Quite an inconvience.
So imagine my surprise when on October 21st I didn't get a shipment confirmation: instead I got an e-mail saying that my item hadn't shipped, and wouldn't be shipped until November 16th. That's like...a whole 2 months after I ordered the damn thing! I When I called to complain, the customer service rep said (and I quote) "Well my advice to you next time would be to not order items that are on back order. It happens."
I am never ordering from ever again. Photobucket

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