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Why Obama Can't Lose

Posted on the 17 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
JadeGold sagely breaks it down for you.
The reason isn't because he's done such a wonderful job; it's that the competition is so inept.  Frankly, with the economy in the doldrums, a halfway decent challenger would have little problem taking the presidency in 2012.  There's the rub.
Let's look at the competition.
Jon Huntsman.  Perhaps the sanest, most competent of the GOP field.  That's the problem and the reason Huntsman fails to poll above 1% in most GOP polls.  Today's GOP can't say things like climate change is a reality or that people ought not boo gay veterans.  Gotta feel badly for Huntsman.  Plus, he has the Mormon problem--but more on that later.
Michelle Bachmann.  Batshit crazy.  GOPers like her but understand she's crazy and prone to say things that even batshit crazy GOPers regard as batshit crazy.  Her staff is abandoning ship and her fundraising is next to nothing.
Newt Gingrich.  In it for the money.  His staff realized 6 months ago, Newt was more interested in peddling books and tapes than running for Prez.  That's why his staff is non-existent.
Ron Paul.  No money. No staff. No hope. Biggest hope is an invite to next GOP debate.
Rick Santorum. Probably couldn't get votes from own family.  When your sole issue is about crucifying gays..well, maybe he's hoping for a Fox gig.  No money. No staff. No hope.
Herman Cain.  In it for the money.  Spends more time hawking book than campaigning.    No fundraising operation.  Recent success in GOP polls relies on bad-mouthing blacks; GOPers love when their "new black friend" talks smack about black people.   But not enough to send their "new black friend" money or give him their vote.  Regardless, Cain isn't in this to win.  He wants a big radio or TV gig.
Rick Perry.  Says batshit crazy stuff, has a hunting ground named "Niggerhead" and likes killing people.  The perfect GOP candidate.  Great fundraising operation.  Couldn't outdebate most marsupials.
Willard "Mitt" Romney.  Apparently will say anything to get elected.  It won't work.  Fundraising declining.  Invented Obamacare and now runs against it.  On most issues has held both positions.  GOPers really don't like Mittens.  Additionally, he's Mormon which really turns off the religious right which regards Mormons in the same light as Islam.

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