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Why Not Ice Cream for Breakfast?

By Icecreamed

February 1st was National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. (Seriously! No self-declaration necessary!) And like many who celebrate this prestigious holiday, we wanted to make sure we got it just right. Here are five excellent ways to incorporate ice cream into mouth-watering breakfast dishes.

 Waffles a la Mode: We have already written about waffles a la mode but it is worth mentioning again because it can be truly divine! Mix up your ice creams or go with traditional vanilla. Who cares? You are eating ice cream for breakfast!

 Topped with Bacon: It sounds rather “Midwestern state fair” but the salty-sweet combination has many staunch opponents scooting in for a bite. Bacon really does make everything better.

 Mixed In With Breakfast Cereal: On this holiday, skip the milk in your cereal bowl. (We might suggest skipping the bran cereal as well, but that is totally up to you.) Dish up some ice cream and top with fun and nostalgic cereal.

 Paired with Warm Coffee Cake: You might be able to convince grandma to join in if you add a little scoop to a warm plate of coffee cake. What’s not to love? Serve with a warm beverage and snuggle in bed while the snow falls to complete the experience.

 Whipped Up in a Milkshake: Some people can’t live without their morning blend of juice and yogurt. But National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is for those who like to walk on the stranger side of life. Substitute the yogurt for some ice cream (or fro yo) for a smooth and sassy beginning to your day.

 Any other suggestions for next year? We would love to hear from you!

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