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Why No Lawn – in 200 Words

By Patientgardener @patientgardener

IMG_1939My garden is smallish and with my plant addiction I need to prioritise plant space so good-bye lawn.  Who needs a lawn anyway?

Some would argue that a lawn is a counterfoil to borders and sets them off; it’s somewhere to rest your eyes.  This is true and I totally agree  – if you have the space to create vistas and if you have so much planting that you need to rest your eyes.

I don’t have space for vistas, you can see all my garden from the house. It was more important for me to create some depth, to obscure some of the views, to give some mystery.  A lawn was stopping me achieving this.  But more importantly it takes up valuable space that I could use for plants and plants are my passion, my obsession, my reason to garden.

Removing the lawn was liberating and the best  decision I have made for this garden.  There have been no regrets at all.  There is still some grass on the path between borders but instead of a place to rest the eyes my lawn defines the journey through the garden.  There is little mowing or edging which makes me very happy.

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