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Why 'Les Miserables' Should Win Best Picture

Posted on the 01 December 2012 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

You may think this post is a little early, because the film hasn’t even been released yet and I have only seen two slightly different trailers which don’t really give much away at all. But let’s face it by those two trailers this film is screaming out for Academy Awards. The cast they have assembled for this is pretty incredible, for such a popular musical and bringing to the big screen.

I guess with this trailer we can view it as more of a teaser trailer and a good one at that, just showing the actors/characters with Anne Hathaway singing I dreamed a dream over this.

I dreamed a dream, the most well-known song from this musical. It’s been covered by pretty much everyone at some point, but let’s admit it, what a song! The lyrics are truly inspiring and heartbreaking all at the same time. You can relate to the words you’ve had tough times and need to get through them. So it was a very obvious (and good) choice to have on the trailers for this film. Although I know the international trailer gives us a wider look at not only the film but the different songs that are on offer. I have a good knowledge of a lot of the songs from the musical, very hard-hitting and emotional. I have not actually seen this on the stage before, I know one of very few that I have not seen! Not that I haven’t wanted to see it, honestly I would love to see it in the West End!


Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman being in a musical together really brought back memories of the opening of the Oscars when she was nominated and ended up on stage for a small sing and dance with Jackman. But this isn’t going to be all happy and nice like the music and amusing song they done that night. This is a very serious story in a very serious musical.

The international trailer makes the film look even more epic and pushing for the Best Picture Award. Showing the different songs which will be in in it and the battle scenes. It really does cry out this is going to be one of the best films of the year. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more excited about this film, I see this trailer and have watched it a few times now including seeing it on the big screen last night!

The serious story line and hard-hitting songs only added to the reasons why I think Les Mis will pick up that Best Picture Oscar, not forgetting that the last time a musical picked up the Best Picture award would be 10 years ago when Chicago won! Surely after 10 years it is time for another musical to win? Before Chicago it had been 35 years since the previous best picture winner Oliver! But that doesn’t stop the nominations which have been plenty for the musical genre, will we seen another in 2013? Plenty of acting awards have been handed out over the years as well for performances in musicals.  Leading roles and supporting roles both male and female have all been rewarded, I am sure we will see some nominations at the least for this film.


Don’t forget that Russell Crowe is also in the mix and I am pretty sure that the Academy love him too! Very different role to see him in a musical. It must have been a very difficult film to cast to ensure that the songs would all be done very well. Especially with the massive following the stage version has had over the years, being one of the longest running shows ever in the West End (second to Phantom of the Opera).

I have to admit that I only know the probably more well-known songs from this musical, due to those being the songs that are showcased on different events. I do plan on trying to listen to the different soundtracks through a few times and really get into the mood for this film. As the film soundtrack is going to be released on the same day as the film, very clever in some ways. But I do remember that I had the Mamma Mia soundtrack before that film came out and it actually put me off going to see the film for a couple of weeks. I think the main thing with musicals soundtracks is that so much is going on with the songs it is often best to see it live and performed before listening to the soundtrack.


This post may seem very strange when I haven’t even thought about which other films will be up there for the nominations but just going by the trailer and the critical acclaim around the stage show. It has to be up there, obviously the release date is prime time for the start of the Oscar season and Oscar type films to be released. Always such a good time to attend the cinema as you know the films are going to be good quality.

Who else fancies this as an early favorite for the Best Picture Academy Award?

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