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Why Learn English in the Classroom?

By Eslexplorer @eslexplorer

Some people, even when they see how cheap our Last Minute Promotions on ESL classes are, may still have an objection: there are so many other ways to learn a language which cost almost nothing - websites, audio courses, even buying and using a textbook by yourself - why should I pay that little bit extra to learn a language in person?

It's a good question, but while all of those other methods can be useful as supplements to your learning, the best way to learn a language quickly and effectively is to do it face-to-face with a teacher.

Firstly, there is the issue of quality control - there are a lot of websites out there that claim to help you learn a new language quickly, but how can you know which ones to trust? Will they really provide the benefits they promise? It's almost impossible to know without spending a lot of time and effort on researching the different options. The ESL classes we offer are all accredited by the British Council, Languages Canada, or NEAS Australia, so you know you're getting a high-quality course.

A second problem is that audio courses and textbooks have no way of correcting you if you're pronouncing something incorrectly or misusing English grammar. A teacher can stop you, point out your mistakes and help you overcome them - meaning you don't get stuck with bad habits in your English.

This leads to a third issues - a teacher will be able to tailor a course to the level you are currently at, helping you achieve your potential rather than getting frustrated and stuck. They can focus on the areas where you are weaker, avoiding boring repetition of things you already know, and ensuring you get stronger and stronger at speaking. A textbook, website or audio course simply can't account for all of this, and will continue to plod along in the same direction no matter how many times you go through it.

Finally, and quite simply, actually using the language in conversation with your teacher and your fellow students is the best way to improve! We learn how to speak our mother tongues through interaction with other human beings, with all the uncertainty and uniqueness which that involves; naturally then, it's also the best way to learn English.

So don't spend hours scrolling through websites and getting nowhere - check out our Last Minute Promotions in London, Sydney, Vancouver, and Toronto instead.

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