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Why is This World So Evil?

By Lambsaved
Religions and philosophies are at quandary in explaining why this world is so evil. Observe, and you will notice that we live in a predatory universe – each one for himself, and if you fail --you’ll be consumed. Yet the desire of humans is to love and be spiritual. An oddity to the environment we find ourselves in.
Hinduism and eastern philosophies tries to explain this by stating that our lives are a play in an illusion. When we are awakened, we will laugh at all the pain and the travesty that we call our life today. Our painful lives full of sorrows seems to be anything but playful, what kind of a degenerate would think of a game like this.
Islam offers a different answer, this life is a test and how we perform against all odds determine our rank in the next life, a heaven filled with houris. Yet all this exercise is for what – just a reward at the end of this life. That’s it! Such an answer does not offer any consolation.
Why is this World so Evil?
It is Christianity that offers a unique answer. Man is born to trouble ever since Adam fell from the Garden of Eden. All the trauma, pain and anguish that we suffer is not part of God’s plan for us. But the day our authority was usurped from that of God’s to Satan, we were forced to eat what our authority offered; and what do you think Satan will offer to you.
"Father pities his children." Psalm 103:14.

Why would the Father pity us if it was he who created all this that we face today? He can only pity if he sees his children trapped and subjected to a tyrant who delights in our sufferings, who like a false shepherd can only think of skinning us alive. He is the God of this world and the ruler of this age. Yet his rule came to an end at Calvary.
"We know that we ourselves are children of God, and we also know that the world around us is under the power of the evil one." 1 John 5:19

Yet Jesus Christ freed us of this oppression by giving himself up for us. All we have to do is to abide in him and become the new creation so that this world does not hold any power over us anymore, and in the name of Jesus Christ we can stay protected in this cruel and mean world.
Now you know why the world is so evil and will always remain evil– because it follows the bidding of its Master: The Father of all lies.

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